5 Ways to Cook with Radishes from the Farmers Market

Radishes are popping up at farmers’ markets now. This early season vegetable is delicious sliced thin in sandwiches or chopped for tossed salads. Dainty slices of French breakfast radishes, an oblong variety with a milder taste, atop buttered bread with a sprinkle of sea salt is a lovely breakfast.

Radishes from the farmers’ market can be enjoyed in so many ways. Did you know they’re amazing cooked too?

Here are a few recipes perfect for eating those bright, fresh, ripe radishes you picked up at the farmers’ market.

Make fried rice

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Toss them in coleslaw

Get the recipe: Oil and Vinegar Coleslaw

Saute them

Get the recipe: Soy-Ginger Sauteed Radishes

Grill them

Get the recipe: Grilled Dilled Radish Packets

Roast them

Get the recipe: Slow Roasted Root Vegetables

Sarah Walker Caron

About Sarah Walker Caron

Sarah Walker Caron is senior features editor for the Bangor Daily News, and resident cook. She writes a cooking column, Maine Course, and is also author of "Grains as Mains: Modern Recipes Using Ancient Grains." Her recipes have appeared in the BDN, Betty Crocker publications, Glamour.com and more.